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Co-founded in 2018 by Creston-area filmmakers Mark Wolfe and Kerrry McArthur, the KFS quickly earned success by joining forces with local artists Richard Reeves, Alison Masters and Gary Deatherage in launching the first 7th Siding Festival of Film – an event that attracted short and feature-length films from across western Canada.  In 2020, 7th Siding attracted more than 1000 films nationally and internationally and in 2021 gave strong indication of becoming an established international film festival, attracting almost 2000 entries.


Membership in the KFS is automatic with the purchase of a ticket for any viewing event of current 7th Siding Festival of Film season, which usually starts in August.  




The mandate of the Kootenay Film Society is to Build an inclusive film community through film festivals, skill-building workshops, film screenings, presentations, and research. 


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